The Greatest Artist of our time. Watch closely! Give it a Few Seconds !
Below is the wall of my hanger where I keep my toys and go to escape the wilds of the world. Over by my workbench, I have put a few pictures
on the wall. You will notice a couple of drawings that dominate the scene. I spend a lot of time here, and I am constantly reminded of two things.
One is of my long time great friend and artist, Hames . His art reminds me also of the greatest group of folks anyone could  hope to have known and
grown with in the early years. My friends from the class of 1961. I remember and think of you daily.

I'll bet that even Hames did not imagine that when he penned these images in his youth, that some 50 years later someone would be working hard to
attempt to duplicate them on his wall. Something about imitation and a sincere form of flattery. What do you think? Thanks Hames! Thanks all of you.