The intent of this project is to provide a mechanism for having a meeting of those who wish to get together for an informal BS session on a regular repeating schedule. It is initiated in the belief that once off the ground, the enthusiasm and participation by the class members will be substantial enough to make it fly, and it can then be shaped and constructed in accordance with the expressed wishes of the group. The initial program is to provide a meeting schedule in Pine Bluff every odd numbered month. This is currently in place and active. Consideration and feedback should be given to finding a location in Little Rock and establishing an identical plan to be initiated on the even numbered months. Our lives dictate that most of us will not be able to make most of the meetings of course, and the plan is to provide ample opportunities for those who can and wish to, be provided with a way to renew friendships and keep in touch with people who are very special to us all. The power driving this train will be the feedback given by the class members through the process that is now provided by the Having established a reasonably effective method to communicate, it is now time for the legwork, which is to get in touch with as many class members as possible, direct them to the site, and allow the process and their own wishes to prevail. We started with less than a half dozen known contacts, so your assistance in getting the word out is imperative to the success of this effort.

In reference to this effort, I would like to offer a heartfelt thanks and a couple of atta-boys to the group of derelicts……..Ah! ….Oh!......I mean…….group of fine class mates responsible for making this boat float. The core group making this happen is: (in alphabetical order) Tommy Case, Gary Duncan, Joe Pat Davis, Butch Greenwood, Bobby Kientz, Dickie Lawrence, George Lemen, Rick Skillen, and Paul Wright. Many thanks guys. When you see any of these guys, give them a hearty “thank you.”                                                                                                                                       admin –