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Little Rock February 10th, 2018 Confab Photos
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Little Rock August 5th and 6th, 2017 Confab Photos
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     Please Note: There are a lot of photos in the Reunion pages. If your computer is on the weak side, please give the pages a few additional seconds to load. Thanks.



William Neal Fleischaker


There are literally hundreds of photos in this site and most have been contributed by our classmates, and I thank each and everyone for their contribution. You may have noticed the above pix presentation kind of emphasizes a particular individual. Hope so, because that was the intention. If you look at the hundreds, maybe even the thousands of photos from our reunions and other confabulations, you will see very few photos of my old pal above. Reason is, he was the one taking most of the photos and freely contributing them to the efforts of this site. We all owe him a debt of gratitude for his efforts and contributions. I want to publically thank him not only for his work, but for his caring attitude for the folks who make up the unique and magnificient classof61. Thanks Billy.


This presentation shows a small, but very special group of friends who continue to stay in touch through the passage of many, many years. We have made it a priority to actually get together a few times each year to just visit and maintain a very special relationship. This effort to acknowledge how special this friendship is shows the actual people who put forth the effort to meet and share their stories. A very special group indeed. It is also indicative and symbolic of the entire Class of 61. This presentation represents the entire Class and is symbolic of the very, very special relationship this very Special Group of People Maintain. We were all connected in a very unique and wonderful way then, and in my world, we still are. This is dedicated to all in that great Class of 61. My hope is that  the friendship connection is made for all.
Thank You.
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 Here are some photos from the 55th Reunion at Hot Springs. I have to start out with an apology for the quality of the images. I usually rely on two classmates to handle the task of obtaining quality photos, Billy Fleischaker and James M. Blackwell. As you all know, unfortunately they were no shows. We tried a last minute store bought cheapo camera fix and it didn't work at all. The only photos I have are a few I took with my telephone and a few with one of the store bought cameras. Again I apologize for the poor quality and lack of coverage. I think it's probably long overdue, but we should all band together and FIRE the webmaster for incompetency and lack of planning. Damn.........
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Well, while I created a total bust with the photos from our recent 55th reunion in Hot Springs,  my ole' pal Billy Fleischaker came up with a very pleasant surprise. Seems as though he has about 600 photos from our 30th, 40th, and 45th reunions and we have found a way to share them with you. These are really interesting and fun to look through. Brings back a lot of memories of days gone by. Try it! You'll Like it!


Just a note: Looked to see if anyone was still looking at this site and discovered the answer is YES! I will attempt to keep the reunion posts up to date and timely. By the way; this site has received over 50,000 hits since it has been online. Wow!!!!!


Classmate of the Year
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Confabulation March 17, 2012 Photos
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Three days in the boondocks, tales were told, some true, steaks and fish were consumed in large quantities, adult beverages were adequately represented, and as you can see, UGLY radiated from the forest. Still friends after half a century! A Damn great time was had by Six Old Farts!!!





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con.fab.u.late (ken.fab'.ye.lat) v.i. . lat.
ed, .lat.ing To chat; gossip; converse.
[<L < com . to-gether + fabulari to chat]- con.fab.u.la'tion n


We Have interrupted our normal scheduling to bring you the most outstanding and earth shattering scientific announcement in the history of NASA. One of our deep space probes has discovered and photographed three alien extraterrestrial life forms.  Although they are pretty scary to look at, it is believed at this time there is a possibility that one of the creatures  may actually possess a very small but limited amount of human like intelligence.
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I can't explain it either!


Jerry's Theme Song

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I'm sure by this time in the millennium there is no one on this planet that has not seen the movie, "Passions of Horse Pistol-Pete". But just in the oft chance there is that one in amillion out there; Be advised, it is available on this web site in its entirety, especially for your viewing pleasure.

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